Forest School

Forest School



Forest School


Forest schools originated in Sweden during the 1950s and was a way of teaching children about the natural world. The idea was adopted by Denmark as an important part of Early Years provision. The concept was introduced to Britain in 1995 by Bridgwater College.


As part of our strong environmental ethos, we have an integrated Forest School Programme attended by all our Nursery and Reception children throughout the school year.


At Glynne we believe Forest School is an inspirational process that offers children regular opportunities to appreciate and enjoy the outdoor environment. Our Forest School nurtures an understanding and respect for natural places.  The Forest School experience brings learning to life and improves a child’s ability to work co-operatively while offering the opportunities to take risks, make choices and initiate learning.


Forest School encourages the children to explore using their own ideas and imagination.   Most activities are child led, to allow children to investigate and problem solve.   This will help develop independent, self- motivated thinkers.   Activities are put together in small manageable steps that we scaffold to allow children to develop the skills they are learning, at their own pace and level.   All children of all abilities are able to enjoy and learn at Forest School.   The styles of learning used at Forest School maximise emotional, social and behavioural development.  By helping the child to succeed in their task, it boosts their self – esteem and confidence.

Dates for Forest School Summer Term 2017  (all dates are Fridays except 19th July)

R1 and Crocodiles                                                                        R2 and Parrots

5th May                                                                                          28th April

19th May                                                                                        12th May

9th June                                                                                        26th May

23rd June                                                                                      16th June

7th July                                                                                          30th June

Wed 19th July                                                                              14th July