Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Miss T. Powell Headteacher

Mrs V. Saunders Deputy Headteacher (maternity)

Mr J. Bennett Acting Deputy Headteacher (Assessment, Behaviour and Attendance)

Mrs F. Pearson Acting Assistant Headteacher (FS Manager, Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs L. Timmins Leader of Learning

Mrs A. Baker School Business Manager


Phase Leaders

Miss S. Doyle Year 5/6

Mrs E. Milbourne Year 3/4

Miss K. Frazier Year 1/2



Mrs T. Parker

P.E and Sports Lead

Miss H. Whitelaw


Teaching Staff


Foundation Stage:

Miss H. Timperley,  Miss H. Evans Reception

Miss J. Lane, Mrs R. Horgan  Nursery

Key Stage 1:

Miss C. Tomlinson,  Miss M. Antoniou

Miss K. Frazier,  Miss S. Purcell

Key Stage 2:

Mrs E. Ford, Mrs L. Cox

Mr J. Longstaff, Mrs S. Davies, Mrs E. Milbourne

Miss S. Doyle,  Mrs C. Hopson

Miss H. Whitelaw,  Miss A. Mason,



Support Staff


Foundation Stage:

Miss C. Bray, Miss M. Flavell, Miss A. Hadley

Mrs K. Perry, Mr D. Goodman

Key Stage 1:

Mrs C. Griffiths,  Mrs C. Foster

Mrs J. Bodman, Mrs T. Thornton

Key Stage 2:

Mrs J. Jones,  Mrs L. Jones,

Mrs S. Sharkey, Miss D. Potts,

Mrs L. Birnie, Mrs K. Cram Library Assistant

Mrs K. Fletcher (SEN)


SEN classroom Support:

Mrs A. Lacey, Mrs S. Preston, Mrs L. Stewart,

Mrs N. Wilkins, Mrs K. Stevens


Inclusion/Interventions/Pupil Premium:

Mrs D. Goodman Mrs M. Homer Mrs J. Davies

Mrs.K Fletcher



Miss M. Flavell, Mrs C. Griffiths, Mrs T. Thornton

Mrs C. Foster, Mrs D. Goodman, Mrs L. Jones


Administrative Staff:

Mrs A. Baker

Mrs D. Hughes


Site Staff:

Mr R. Southall Site Manager

Mr S. Dunn Assistant Caretaker


Cleaning Staff:

Mr. H. Oberoi

Mrs A. Wakeman

Mrs L. Hill

Mrs K. Kandola

Mrs C. Tonks

Mrs H. Bytheway

Mrs S. Bagley


Kitchen Staff:

Mrs Y. Bowen (Cook in Charge)

Mrs L. Shaw

Mrs J. Clives

Mrs K. Kandola


Lunchtime Staff:

Mrs K. Hollies, Mrs S. Sharkey

Mrs H. Bytheway, Mrs C. Griffiths Mrs M. Homer,

Mrs A. Davies Mrs D. Potts, Mr D. Goodman,

Mrs J. Davies, Mrs L. Jones.

Mrs L. Birnie, Mrs C. Foster, Mrs A. Wood

Mrs J.Bodman, Mrs T. Thornton