Breaktimes and Lunchtimes





Lunches are provided free of charge to children in Key stage 1 – years Reception, 1 and 2, under the Government’s Universal Infant Free School Meals  initiative. Please take a look below at our current menu. The kitchen also serve ‘Grab-Bags’ – their packed lunch option, which is popular, and needs to be ordered on the morning of the day it is required.


For more information on Dudley Catering Service and the GLYNNE SCHOOL MENU CLICK HERE



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Healthy Break Policy


As you may be aware we are no longer able to participate in the Food Dudes Programme; however, we were very pleased with the impact that it had and wish to build on its success.

With this in mind, following guidance from Dudley Healthy Schools we are adopting their recommended policy on break time snacks.  The ‘Healthy Break Policy’ encourages children in KS2 to bring only fruit, vegetables and water from home for consumption at break time. In addition, children will still be able to purchase toast, yogurts, fruit and milk from the school kitchen.

To launch the new policy the free fruit and vegetable scheme, currently in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, will be extended to Key Stage 2 pupils from Tuesday 5th January for half a term. During this time children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will receive a free piece of fruit or vegetable every break-time just as Reception and Years 1 and 2 currently do.

The policy aims to support all pupils to consume a healthy, nutritious snack at break time and your support in helping us to achieve this would be much appreciated.


Pupils with special diets:

The foods and drinks recommended for the Healthy Breaks Policy will be suitable for most therapeutic diets. However any pupil following a specific diet devised by a dietician must adhere to it. If any issues arise staff will consult parents/carers or relevant health professionals for advice.



Change4Life- Sugar Smart- News from Dudley Healthy Schools

 A new campaign has been launched to help parents understand the importance of controlling their child’s sugar intake.  Children are consuming far too much sugar, which  can have a huge  impact on a child’s health  to include tooth decay, weight gain and general wellbeing.  This  new campaign will help parents  look at how you can reduce the amount of sugar your child consumes with some great tips and ideas, as well as a fantastic app which will enable you to see how much sugar there is in everyday food and drink.  The free app works by scanning the barcode of products and revealing the amount of total sugar it contains in cubes and grams.


Please follow the link below for more information and how to get the app!




 Free School Meals and Pupil Premium


Did you know .. just registering your child for Free School Meals means that the school gets extra funding?

The Government awards funding to schools to help children from lower income families do their very best. This funding is called ‘Pupil Premium’.

With this money we could continue to provide additional support programmes for the children. If you are registered for Free School Meals you could also get help with costs of residential school trips and music fees.

All children eligible for Free School Meals will receive a Uniform Voucher for £50 on entry to school, plus free music tuition from Year 2.


If you want your child to have a free, healthy meal at lunchtime, that’s great – they will get the free meal, subsidised residential trips and the school will benefit allowing us to

spend money on extra resources and intervention.

If you don’t want your child to have the school meals they can continue as normal – as long as you qualify and are registered, the school still gets extra funding and you

receive help with residential trips, music fees and one-off uniform

Please register as soon as to make sure your child and others in their class don’t miss out.

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